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Raspberry Pi 2 review: The revolutionary $35 micro-PC, supercharged

Brad Chacos | Feb. 23, 2015
Let's cut right to the chase: This thing rocks. The new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B fixes the most glaring issues of the three-year-old original Pi, and even better, it manages to do so at the same $35 price point of its predecessor. This credit card sized-mini PC delivers a shocking amount of value for the money.

You should probably buy a case to shelter the exposed board as well, to avoid potentially damaging it.

Element14, the U.S. Raspberry Pi supplier that supplied us with our review sample, sells pretty much every Raspberry Pi accessory you could ever need.

Bottom line

This new generation of hardware doesn't change the value proposition of the core Raspberry Pi experience itself whatsoever — an experience that clearly resonates, as more than five million Raspberry Pi models have shipped worldwide.

It still rocks as a maker tool. It still rocks as a teaching tool for budding computer programmers. It still performs admirably as a potential itty-bitty storage server or low-cost home theater PC. You still wouldn't want to use this for your primary computer — not that the Raspberry Pi 2 is intended for that.

What the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B does is take all of the use cases the original Raspberry Pi excelled at and supercharge them. This thing is a beast compared to its predecessor, and the extra duo of USB ports makes it far easier to use. (Begone, USB hubs!) If you've want a cheap way to dip your toes into computer programming, the maker movement, or Linux, the Raspberry 2 comes very highly recommended.


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