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Project Maelstrom detailed: More info about BitTorrent's vision for a peer-to-peer web

Ian Paul | Dec. 15, 2014
Project Maelstrom is a fascinating concept for sharing web content using torrent technology. But how exactly will all this work? We've got a few answers to share.

What about streaming possible?
"We handle all files the same when they're requested from a torrent," Velasquez said. "So you could embed a video from a torrent inside of another site and it would be streamed from the source just as you could embed images that are located inside of a torrent."

Can a Maelstrom site serve advertising?
You bet. Maelstrom handles ads in the same way that normal websites do. "You can embed anything in a torrent website that you could embed in a http-served website, like Google Analytics, Facebook like buttons, etc," Averill said.

That's about all the answers we have for you right now. Maelstrom is sounding like a very interesting idea. We're looking forward to trying it out.


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