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Profile: Microsoft's Phil Goldie

Allan Swann | March 30, 2015
Microsoft's partner boss discusses Cloud, wine and M&A.

When the channel and partners focus on that, that's going to give you them a recurring revenue stream that's highly protected and very valuable to business. That view hasn't changed. It's still very much our POV.

Solely being a transaction engine is where you get stuck is a potential risk. It's a risk for partners, and for us as well.

One of the big things we're doing right now is another round of business transformation workshops. We've revamped the ones we ran a year ago and we're taking that back out to the channel now.

They're all available for anyone to sign up and register to.

So rather than look at the how do I go to Cloud?' I mean that ship has really sailed its more about how do I do what I want to do with Cloud?' These workshops look at the financials, how to become a referrals business, productising IP and the sales and marketing skills that organisations need in this new world.

Are there any plans for Microsoft to make more acquisitions in-region?
We've had a very active M&A set of activity in the market across the past few months, and that's going to continue in 2015.

How are you and your partners approaching Windows 10 after the flop of Windows 8?

It's still very early days, and Windows 10 is still in the early product build phase it's unfinished. But what we've seen from our partners is that they're very excited.

Any last words and predictions for 2015?
The Internet of Things is at that interesting inflection point that perhaps Cloud was at a few years ago. We're all still digesting what it means. But its really about Big Data, the insights, the visualisation and utilisation of that data. I think that the end user tools and the back end engines of data and how it relates to IoT this will be a year where it all becomes a bit more meaningful.


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