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Profile: Enablis managing director, Jon Evans

Allan Swann | March 13, 2015
Enablis' boss, discusses the company's explosive growth, beating the telcos at their own game and his predictions for 2015

You aren't concerned that the telcos will continue to acquire in your space?

It'll be interesting to see how Optus and Telstra manage to bring all their purchases together. Telstra, for example, didn't exactly do a great job of buying up KAZ. Have they fundamentally changed as a business to make any of their acquisitions any better since then? Time will tell.

What about the NBN? Is that a threat to your model?

Really until they come out with something that's business grade, its not going to really have any major effect on us. When there are people like the TPGs of the world pumping fibre into the ground, front, left and centre, there's little alternative to that in a lot of commercial areas. NBN has never really been a big threat, its just another nice tool to have in our bag. We cherry pick it.

So what will be Enablis' focus across 2015?

A lot more of the same. The UC play still has a long way to go. Most people are still very on premise, so there's still a lot of room in the hosted UC-collaboration market.

This year we will maintain a level of growth that is between 30 to 40 per cent, and I think we're in a nice position. Because a lot of the market, if you're a traditional PBX vendor or seller, the rug has been pulled out from under you. So we're talking to a lot more of the voice related partners.

Bandwidth has just come down so much in the last 24 months. What we can do for them is give them significant savings at the network level, while still giving them everything else they need — quadruple the bandwidth and scaling. Which makes all the rest on top more compelling.

We want customers to just use the network, use it well and get the maximum return on your investment. We really want to make sure our clients have really high levels of customer service. We aim to be that trusted advisor, so close interaction with clients' IT managers, but we also want to value add on top of that too.

Our premise is that our clients should never want to leave us. We'll be there permanently enabling them. It's a managed service, with literally just give them an SLA, but we're de-risking it all for them.

We're really pushing our R&D/Innovation piece — to make sure we're delivering continuous value on top of our services piece. We aren't developing our own software, but analysing the marketplace and looking at where customers have a few challenges and filling those solution gaps.


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