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Profile: Enablis managing director, Jon Evans

Allan Swann | March 13, 2015
Enablis' boss, discusses the company's explosive growth, beating the telcos at their own game and his predictions for 2015

How did you get Azzurri started then?

I started the business originally in Australia as a company called Sirocom, they got acquired by Azzurri in late 2006. Azzurri is a British company, and had STA Travel as a major client in Australia. They bought Siracom to establish a local presence and service that client. They remain our longest serving client, we've had them for 10 years. We've had a very strong, fruitful relationship.

Azzurri in the UK had a buy and build strategy. They acquired 16 companies in five years. Siracom was pretty much the last one they acquired. It might've given them a bit of indigestion. I ran it here as an Azurri business, and then bought the Australian shareholding from them about five years ago.

So we were Azzurri from a branding perspective, we had a trademark agreement with them, we still do a bit of work with them, but all the companies and customers we do have here is organically grown. We do have some international partnerships with them, where some of their bigger clients, we help them out when they launch here.

We've hit a critical mass size to our business, starting with literally one person seven or eight years ago, we now have 30.

So why the name change to Enablis?

We recently reviewed its core values and proposition in the market, prompting the name change. So you remain Siricom by a different model, as an Azzurri franchisee?

Not really. We don't really have much of a connection with them anymore, to be honest. We used to do some support through them 24/7, but we're now doing all that here.

The reason why we are doing well, and have done well, is because we have decided to have a very sharp, very specific focus around mid size enterprise with a lot of sites.

So who are these key clients?

We have STA Travel, Pet Barn, The Co-Op book shops, on the retail side. These guys are all about 50-150 sites. We've also got quite a lot in aged care. So we've just re-signed Bupa Care Services, that's about 75 sites. We also just recently won Uniting Care, which is around 180 sites.

Why should customers choose you over the major telcos and their channel subsidiaries?

We're generally only aiming at companies that have around 10 or more sites, to around 250 sites. If you went to Telstra for all of that, it would be very expensive. If you went to Optus it'd only cover 30 per cent of it, and you'd need Telstra again. If you went somewhere else, like a PIPE or a TPG, then you run into the coverage problem again.


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