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PlayStation turns 20: Sony exec talks PlayStation's past, future, and relationship to PC and mobile gaming

John Gaudiosi | Dec. 5, 2014
As the PlayStation brand celebrates its 20th anniversary, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida reminisces on 20 years of Sony video games.

What has been the key element of consoles that has never changed, and still is the differentiator to other hardware that also play games, is the ease of use. Even though the PS3 was difficult to develop for, from a consumer standpoint we always made sure--and other companies like Nintendo and Microsoft made sure--that people who purchased game consoles and games can trust us to just hook up to the TV and put the disk in or download a game and you can start playing.

It's more simple compared to a PC, where there is a lot of tech that you have to care about to run the game properly and there are all different kinds of graphics boards or performances or driver updates that people have to deal with. That really limits the kinds of people who feel comfortable playing games on PC. And with mobile there's such immediacy and ease of playing games with its very intuitive interface and typically you can just download titles over the network and start playing without any payment. Most of the popular games are free-to-play to games. Mobile [gaming] is enormously popular worldwide by all kinds of people, including those who do not claim they are gamers.

However, for people who grew up playing games on the console, there are certain things that mobile games have a hard time providing in terms of gameplay experience. Gamers play all kinds of games, including mobile games, but they are willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars for hardware and $60 for games because they know that the game experience that they can have on PlayStation or Xbox that day they won't be able to have on mobile.


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