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Play your way to productivity with these 5 gamified apps

Robert Strohmeyer | May 5, 2014
Gamification has been become big business in the enterprise software world, where companies have learned to tap the power of game mechanics to unleash their workers' competitive instincts. Here are give apps to help you gamify your daily routine.


Platform: iOS

Price: $2.99

For iOS users looking to enhance their to-do lists with an RPG experience, EpicWin is, well, epic. Like HabitRPG, it takes its cues from the world of D&D gameplay. But EpicWin's graphics, sound effects, and game mechanics are orders of magnitude more sophisticated and entertaining. The simple act of checking off an item becomes a game-play experience in its own right, as you hold your finger down on the rosette for each item and witness a brief virtual struggle before the rosette gloriously bursts and you rise victorious over the forces of unproductivity.

EpicWin's RPG mechanics are surprisingly sophisticated, giving you the ability to assign attributes such as strength, intellect, and stamina to a task, and leveling up your character accordingly as you complete items on your list. The sophistication comes at some cost, however, because it makes for relatively dense menus. This isn't an app for the productivity purist, of course, so the trade-off of fun for efficiency makes perfect sense here.

Task Hammer

Platform: Android

Price: Free

What EpicWin is to iOS, Task Hammer aims to be for Android. It gives you similar RPG mechanics, letting you assign character attributes to your tasks and leveling you up accordingly as you complete to-dos. On both the productivity and gamification fronts, it's slightly less compelling than its iOS counterpart. Still, it's fun, and unlike EpicWin, it won't cost you anything but time to try it out.


Platform: iOS

Price: $0.99

Statistics are the heart of all gamification schemes. If you thrive on the stats, but don't care about the game play, Doable may be for you. This unique productivity app lets you focus on your performance by surfacing cool stats about your effectiveness at a given task, so you can continually strive to beat your personal best.

Set up a goal, and Doable will track it for you, dynamically assisting you in prioritizing your activities based on which ones you're late on, how you generally perform at getting them done, and other factors. It's light on gamification, but still manages to deliver a fun, engaging productivity tracking experience in its own quirky way. 

Zombies, Run!

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: $3.99

Because they exploit our brain chemistry in such reliable ways, the principles of gamification can apply to any activity. If you're looking for a creative way to get your fitness goals on track, look no further than Zombies, Run! This geo-location-driven app uses your iPhone or Android phone to motivate you on your real-world runs by overlaying a zombie-themed adventure on your activities. To the world, you'll appear to be just another jogger on the sidewalk. But in your world, you're a zombie-evading adventurer surviving the apocalypse.


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