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Paper company IT head takes digital notes

Adam Bender | April 4, 2014
The IT manager of Avery Products Australia, a large paper company, has revealed that an electronic pen is critical to his workflow.

Two other Australian business users of Livescribe are investor Peter Kazacos, executive chairman of KazCapital, and Pete Smart, the former Foxtel CTO who now heads a media technology consulting firm, SmartDigitalMedia.

Kazacos said he currently uses the Livescribe 3 for its device pairing abilities while Smart said he prefers the Sky because of its wireless capabilities and tighter integration with Evernote.

Smart confessed that he used to be more disorganised and sometimes would lose notes. For help, he turned first to Evernote and subsequently learned about the Livescribe Sky from an ad in the cloud note-taking software.

Smart has now asked his team to use the Sky as well, so that everyone's notes flow wirelessly to shared business notebooks in Evernote, he said.

Kazacos said he uses the Livescribe 3 for meetings and conferences. He said he has never felt using a stylus and tablet for notes to be as natural as writing on paper. "What I like with the pen is you've got the hardcopy," he said. "It gives you a sort of comfort."

"In conferences it's particularly useful to use the audio, because at most conferences you haven't got time to get all the stuff down."

The three business users acknowledged potential privacy issues of recording people with a device that does not look like a recorder.

"When the pen came out, I told them that's what it does," said McConville. "And I will always ask permission when I want to record."

Smart also said he asks before he records to make sure everyone is comfortable with it. "You do need to be sensitive about that."


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