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Over 1.5 billion boarding passes deliverable by way of mobile in 2019

Ike Suarez | March 13, 2015
Juniper Research says this will represent 1 in 3 boarding passes issued by airlines.

Over 1.5 billion boarding passes will be delivered by way of mobile by 2019, according to a press statement by Juniper Research announcing findings by its analysts.

The findings have recently been published by digital marketing research firm in its report,  "Mobile & Ticketing Transport, Events & NFC 2015 to 2019."

Its projection contrasted with its estimate for 2015 of around 745 million boarding passes to be delivered.

 "This means that mobile boarding passes will represent 1 in 3 boarding passes by airlines at the end of 2019," the press statement said.

It added that its analysts had learned  that majority of airlines have implemented boarding passes by way of apps, but said this development meant transition to NFC would be delayed.

This transition will not only be delayed by the success of barcode, but there is need to gain agreement and investment from airlines and airports around the world, according to the researchers. 



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