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OS X Maverick: Apple's developers discuss Apple's new love for power users

Karen Haslam | June 17, 2013
After the WWDC keynote on Monday night we fired off some emails to developers to gauge their reaction to the announcements.

MacAce's Gary Hall suggested that the tabbed finder will become "one of those features that we'll all be wondering how we worked without it in a few months."

Igor Zhadanov from Readdle also noted the new filing system. "It's interesting how Apple tries to build up an extra layer between user and files stored on disk (tags, tabs). Once users are relying on the visual, layer and metadata like tags, actual file locations will matter less. I would say this is a strategic step into introducing system-wide cloud storage for all data in several years," he predicted.

Also popular were the improvements in multi-screen support. This was even better than Hall's expectations: "The much-improved multi-screen support has gone beyond my expectations - really looking forward to trying this out," he said.

Open Planet Software MacLean agreed:"For us the best news is that Apple have sorted out multi-display support. Finally being able to run Xcode in full-screen and any App we're working on on a second monitor will make a huge difference," emphasising the fact that many have been crying out for this particular feature.

However, there were some concerns about one new feature in particular. Security concerns about iCloud Keychain

Readdle's Zhadanov noted: "With iCloud keychain Apple made a strong move to managing your digital identity via iCloud. Once you have your passwords generated and saved for you by Apple, at some point you no longer know the credentials to the services you use. Instead, you will rely on iCloud ID to access your secure data. Apple takes a huge responsibility of managing users identity properly, and some users may be not comfortable with that news." SecureMac rang some warning bells, noting that: "There are some great new features in OS X Mavericks that are very exciting and should make a lot of developers happy, however with the recent revelations concerning the NSA and the PRISM data collection system, some features may give users pause - such as entrusting all of your passwords to the cloud."

How to get Mavericks ready

Developers are now studying the beta software and assessing just how much work they will need to do to bring their software into the Mavericks era. The initial reaction is that, compared to previous updates to the Mac OS, this will require a lot less effort.

MacLean from Open Planet Software explained: "It's still early days, but so far our Apps appear to run well on Mavericks and shouldn't need much in the way of OS specific updates. There are obviously some changes under the hood and it may be that there are things that we should change in order to be good Mac citizens. However, after the last few updates, having to deal with Sandboxing, Gatekeeper, Full-screen support, Retina support etc, from a developer viewpoint Mavericks looks blessedly free of major change."


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