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OS X Maverick: Apple's developers discuss Apple's new love for power users

Karen Haslam | June 17, 2013
After the WWDC keynote on Monday night we fired off some emails to developers to gauge their reaction to the announcements.

Finally a power OS for power users

What many developers picked up on is the fact that a significant number of changes in OS X are geared towards power users.

Public Space's developer of A Better Finder Frank Reiff spoke about how previous launches have left power users feeling left out: "Power users, developers amongst them, in particular have felt a bit left out with the Lion and Snow Lion releases and will be very happy with the new focus. It was also positive to see so much emphasis on the Mac at the beginning of the show," he said.

This new focus on power users comes after years of an apparent focus on the consumer and specifically iOS. CEO of Boinx Software Oliver Breindenbach suggested: "It looks like a solid release and to my relief it seems that it will keep catering to the power user and not being dumbed down to follow the consumer lead of iOS."

Bare Bones Software CEO Rich Siegel echoed that sentiment: "It's great to see that Apple's commitment to power computing for professionals is stronger than ever."

"I like very much what I have seen so far. It's great to see that Apple has been investing heavily in improving the OS in ways that empower our customers, and especially in ways that benefit power users," he added noting that "as a developer I appreciate the low-level performance and power efficiency tuning that has taken place."

Karen MacLean from Open Planet Software also suggested that while not packed with new features it's the work that "has gone into solidifying what was there before" that should be noted. She added: "It's good to finally see OpenGL 4 support on the Mac."

Literature & Latte's Keith Blount also pinpointed the focus on performance and power: "It wasn't the new features in Mavericks that excited me so much as the effort they have put in to increasing its efficiency under the hood and thus extending battery life," he said.

As did MacAce CEO Gary Hall, who told us: "Extra battery power from all of he clever under-the-hood features are also a welcome addition."

IGG Software founder and president Ian Gillespie noted the economic impact of Apple's efforts to address battery life. He said: "I'm happy to see Apple putting resources into changing software so that it uses battery life more efficiently. We will want to be a good citizen and ensure iBank for Mac helps keep people's batteries lasting to their maximum potential."

Favourite new features in OS X Mavericks

While the work under the covers was what appeared to impress our developers the most, many of the new features also have been given the thumbs up.


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