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OS X Maverick: Apple's developers discuss Apple's new love for power users

Karen Haslam | June 17, 2013
After the WWDC keynote on Monday night we fired off some emails to developers to gauge their reaction to the announcements.

After the WWDC keynote on Monday night we fired off some emails to developers to gauge their reaction to the announcements.

Generally feedback was very positive to both OS X Mavericks and iOS 7, and reaction to the new Mac Pro was particularly complementary, although there were some concerns.

Here we focus on the reaction to Mac OS X Mavericks, with developers sharing their reaction to the new naming convention, relief that Apple is finally addressing power users again, concerns about security issues surrounding iCloud keychain, and relief that it doesn't look like developers will have a big job implementing the changes required to play with Mavericks.

What sort of a name is Mavericks?

Apple's choice of name for the new OS X drew a few comments and one particularly interesting observation from Keith Blount developer of Scrivener at Literature & Latte. He said: "One of the most significant announcements of the keynote was something that seems superficial: the change of OS X code names from cats to California place names. When Apple reached Lion, it seemed to imply that OS X was nearing its end: here was the ultimate version of OS X, the king of cats - how much further did they plan on taking the OS?

"The switch to a naming convention with plenty of life left in it is a welcome sign from Apple that they think there is likewise plenty of life left in OS X. As a Mac lover and developer, that makes me very happy."

Still, the new name was greeted with a few raised eyebrows, and for some it was the only disappointment to come out of the WWDC keynote. "The only thing we don't particularly like is the name," said Karen MacLean of Open Planet Software.

On the other hand: "Thank god they didn't go with the sea lion name!" said Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha.

Name aside, everyone we spoke to is mostly positive about the new features that Apple previewed in OS X Mavericks. Jetha said: "I think the tweaks and changes they've made make a lot of sense. You can see that Apple is constantly iterating on the basics and fine tuning things. I'm happy with what I saw."

One developer told us that he thinks it would have been unwise for Apple to implement too much change in the new OS. Kevin Hamilton from Binary Formations explained: "OS X is a very mature at this point and that makes radical, revolutionary changes difficult and possibly even unwise (just take a look at Windows 8)."

Grant Cowie from Cognito echoed this sentiment. "It seems that Apple hasn't made a lot of gratuitous changes (as they did in Lion and Mountain Lion) which made things unnecessarily difficult for developers. Time will tell, but so far looking good."


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