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Oral-B Pro 5000 Bluetooth toothbrush review: Don't buy it for its Bluetooth feature

Michael Brown | Feb. 10, 2015
There was a time when Bluetooth was a technology in search of a purpose. Now you'll find the wireless protocol in everything from smartphones to speakers, headphones, light bulbs and yes, even toothbrushes. The smartphone app for Oral-B's Pro 5000 electric toothbrush makes a game out of brushing your teeth, and that could encourage one person in your home to practice better oral hygiene--because its companion smartphone app can track only one person's routine.

But that gamification feature would be a whole lot more useful if it tracked multiple users. That way, families could create contests to see who takes the best care of their teeth. Each brush head has a colored plastic ring so family members know which one belongs to them, but the app only knows when the handle is being used, not who's using it. As such, it can track only one person's routine.

Is it worth buying?

As I said early on, I really like the way my teeth feel after brushing with the Pro 5000. But I'm not sure the Bluetooth feature and the app adds all that much value, at least not for an adult. If one of your kid needs incentives to take care of their teeth, and smiley faces and trophies motivate them to do that, I suppose those features would help. But if you have more than one child, how do you choose which one gets to use the smartphone support without alienating the other(s)? If Bluetooth connectivity adds any significant bump in price over an electric tooth brush that doesn't  have Bluetooth, I'm not convinced it's worth it.


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