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Oracle's delusional hardware marketing isn't fooling anyone

Rob Enderle | April 1, 2013
Despite repeated reprimands from the National Adverting Review Board, Oracle continues to run ads making questionable claims that its Sun hardware outperforms the competition. This isn't surprising--perception often trumps reality in advertising, after all--but will Oracle ever be able to back up its claims?

Whether it's found money from a Nigerian Prince or a favorable report from one of the firm's own units, a wise manager looks harder at positive numbers than negative ones. That manager knows he or she is more likely to be fooled by something that's too good to be true.

The lesson here isn't to avoid Oracle. Based on IBM's results, most customers seem to already be doing that. It's to avoid tricking yourself into ignoring problems until they are too big, or too far gone, to fix.

The other thing that occurs to me is that Hurd may be Ellison's Nigerian Prince. The next time Ellison hears Someday My Prince Will Come, will he recognize the personal connection and realize that for him, and for Oracle, the arrival of that prince was a bad thing?


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