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One Microsoft, all the time: What Ballmer's newly unified vision could mean to you

Brad Chacos | July 12, 2013
Microsoft just overhauled its entire organizational structure to focus on a vision of ubiquity—a vision that could pay dividends to YOU down the line.

As a devout lover of the keyboard and mouse, the thought makes me grimace, too. But if Microsoft manages to pull off the vision hinted at by the reorganization, I won't cry for the desktop's loss. That's a big if, as Microsoft's ambitions have exceeded its ability to execute in recent times. Nor has Microsoft been able to convince consumers to jump aboard the Live-Tile bandwagon en masse, and this reorg makes no changes to the modern UI's underlying principles. But if One Microsoft, All The Time lives up to its potential, the bedeviled Windows 8 interface could wind up being much, much more than just a tacked-on tablet interface.


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