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One flap down: 4 other apps we'd like to see join Flappy Bird in oblivion

TechHive Staff | Feb. 12, 2014
Flappy Bird has flapped its way into its final obstacle.

Candy Crush Saga
Once upon a time there was a Bejeweled clone that seemed difficult, but was actually purposefully broken in many ways so people would pay for the privilege to make it easier. Then the creators of Candy Crush Saga (Android and iOS) got a bit big for their candy-coated britches, filing trademarks on the words Candy and Saga and going on the warpath against other smaller development studios that dared to use either super-commonplace word — including Stoic Games, creator of The Banner Saga.

Ask any dentist: Too much candy will rot your teeth. And the heavy-handedness of Candy Crush Saga is making my teeth ache. — Hayden Dingman

No, I'm not calling out Paper By FiftyThree, the iPad sketching app. And I have no beef with Paper, Facebook's newly released iPhone app that combines the social network's News Feed with a newsreader. No, my problem is with Paper, the result that turns up in App Store searches whenever I look for the other two apps.

Paper is from Contradictory, a company that seems to specialize in generically named apps (Camera, Battery, and Draw are among its other contributions to the iOS universe), and whose lone selling point seems to be their ability to appear at the top of search results, tricking non-savvy App Store shoppers into downloading these apps by mistake. I'm not too proud to admit I'm one of those people. I went looking for Paper — the drawing app from FiftyThree, not the Facebook one — and wound up with this lame copycat instead.

Surely, now that Contradictory's Paper is messing up search results for not one but two much better apps, maybe Apple could step in and do a solid for easily confused app lovers. — Susie Ochs

Fly Birdie: Flappy Bird Flyer
Maybe you're more glum about Flappy Bird's unexpected departure than we are. Don't fret — you'll always have the Flappy Bird knockoffs.

As I type this, the top free app for both iPhones and iPads in the App Store is Fly Birdie: Flappy Bird Flyer. Any differences between this game and Flappy Bird will have to be settled by years of scholarly research, but developer TapTomic isn't making much of an effort to clear up any confusion about which game is which.

Actually, I suppose there is one difference: Fly Birdie is worse than Flappy Bird in every way (which I didn't think was possible), with terrible graphics and clunky flight mechanics. Sure, the obstacles are a bit more manageable, but the bird still plummets at an impossible rate, making it just as stupidly frustrating, and without the fun Mario-esque overlay.


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