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On the anniversary of Jobs' resignation we examine Apple CEO Tim Cook's first year

Karen Haslam | Aug. 27, 2012
On August 24 2011, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs resigned.

Tim Cook: Still a new CEO

Steve Jobs' legacy is to thanks for Apple's strong performance according to one shareholder. Saudi billionaire and Apple shareholder Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. He said the time to judge how well Apple's new management team is performing will be in two years' time.

Tim Cook: An economic CEO

Forrester Research CEO George Colony called Cook a "proven and competent executive," but one who lacks the magnetism to a lead a unique company like Apple.

Cook may not have the creative genius and magnetism that Jobs had, but he has other skills that will help him steer Apple to success. "The only thing can hold Apple back is Apple itself and not being able to keep up with demand. Enter Mr. Tim Cook, guru of supply chain economics. Steve Jobs almost certainly foresaw the supply issues ahead in endorsing Cook as his successor," according to one report.

It should also be noted that as chief operating officer and now as CEO, Cook has managed the flow from design to manufacturing to distribution to sales with brilliance. Also, Apple's $98 billion in the bank proves that he has optimised this global process to the nth degree.

How Tim Cook feels about being CEO

"You know, I love Apple, and it's just a reminder every day of how much of a privilege it is to work with a team of people that are so incredible and how lucky I am. I think the team is doing a fantastic job. We feel very good about where we are," Cook said.

Apple has no fears for the future

Initial anxiety over Apple's future at the time of its co-founder's death appears to have faded into oblivion, washed out by product successes like the iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad, and investor sops like dividends.

"In a very short time, concerns about Apple after Steve Jobs seem to have disappeared," Nigam Arora, publisher of an investment newsletter, writes in Forbes. "There is hardly ever a mention of this subject in the media."

While Cook's popularity is rising high, much of what Apple is pumping out now was conceived during the Jobs era. It remains to be seen if Cook's personable brand of leadership that's winning the hearts of Apple's rank and file will be able to maintain the company's commitment to cutting edge industrial design.


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