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No, Juniper isn't pulling out of the enterprise and/or security

Mike Gee | Aug. 21, 2014
The figures leave no room for doubt - it has to, according to a senior executive.

"So if you add up these things there is a massive amount of spend on internal IT, there's a good amount of it going to the public Cloud but certainly not all of it, and the number one concern of IT users is security, then there is no way we can get out of security, there is no way we can not look after enterprise IT."

He also backed up Gelsinger's 92 per cent claim with some IDc data -- and the codicil he tended to only use the analyst data that agreed with him. He said IDC how much of a company's budget is allocated to buying these different types of IT and services today and how much in 24 months time.

"I found this this extremely interesting,"Skingsley said. "They are still spending 36 per cent of their budget on traditional on-premise IT. Then there's another 30 per cent on traditional outsourcing - which usually means you've brought somebody in to run some stuff that is still sitting inside your premise, 17 per cent on self-run private Cloud - which is run by the internal IT team, still running on your servers but being delivered in a Cloud type self-service portal for your internal customers.

"Another 19 per cent goes on managed private Cloud which is probably exactly the same thing. You've got your servers in your datacentres and you've brought some guy in to manage them and the stack. And finally there's dedicated private Cloud which is sitting in somebody else's datacentre but still dedicated infrastructure for you.

When you look at the other side of things, the genuinely public Cloud is sending this data to Amazon or Azure or whatever . That's makes up about 15 per cent. So that's about 85 per cent that could be still considered on-premise IT, especially from Pat Gelsinger's perspective."

Those figures backed-up further the case for Juniper's continued commitment to enterprise and security and, ultimately, it's High IQ Network and Cloud building solutions.


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