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No IoT without IPv6

Charles Sun | May 20, 2016
Does your company foresee making big bucks from the Internet of Things? It won’t be happening without widespread adoption of IPv6 first.

4. IPv4 is only a beta version of the Internet.

According to Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet and co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol suite, IPv4 is only “the experimental version of the Internet.” But we have been using this beta version of his Internet protocol since 1983. As Cerf stated, IPv6 is the actual production version of the Internet for the 21st century

Why have we been using a beta version in our production environment for so long?

5. Adopting IPv6 is a matter of leadership, vision and competitive edge.

Service providers and product manufacturers keep saying that there is no demand for IPv6 from their customers. But it is nonsense to wait for them. The majority of consumers do not know which version of IP is running in their electronic devices, and they don’t care.

What really matters is whether a company’s leadership has the vision to ensure that it retains a competitive edge for its products and services and is situated to thrive in a new era of rapid technological innovations based on IPv6.Companies that say there is no immediate money to be made by transitioning to IPv6 need to ask themselves whether they intend to make money from the IoT. One estimate, from Business Insider, is that the IoT represents at least a $6 trillion opportunity. But the IoT won’t be happening without IPv6.

Charles Sun is the technology co-chair of the U.S. Federal IPv6 Task Force. The views presented are his alone and do not necessarily represent those of the U.S. government.


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