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Nexus 6P review: This is the way Android phones should be

Florence Ion | Oct. 23, 2015
Look out Samsung and LG. The best premium Android phone on the market is Google's own.

Part of my renewed love of stock Android has to do with Marshmallow, which is amazing even in all of its plainness. It boasts a ton of new, minor features, all of which have helped make this version of Android seem like the most cohesive ever.

If you’re not running a stock Android device, you’ll have Marshmallow eventually. But you won’t have access to the ambient display feature that the Nexus 6P has, nor can you take advantage of the “always on” Google Now commands. Also, bear in mind that Google has promised to update its Nexus devices more regularly with security updates and support them with software updates for at least two years, whereas some manufacturers are still figuring out their update plans.

Seriously the best Nexus ever

gph 001 19 
This is it. The best Nexus ever. Credit: Adam Patrick Murray

The Nexus 6P is a seriously awesome phone and I never thought I’d feel this way about a Nexus device. I’m not typically a Nexus person and I’ve always looked to other manufacturers to pave the way for the Android ecosystem, but Google’s at the tip of the spear now and I’m glad to see it.

This amazing phone is also good news for Huawei, which is still looking to make its grand entrance into the U.S. smartphone market with a flagship device. If this Nexus takes off, that’ll be a big win for the Chinese-based company, and it can leverage this good will to entice Android enthusiasts toward a Huawei phone next time around.

Of course, the Nexus 6P isn’t entirely perfect. It’s missing a few flagship features, like wireless charging and OIS. But those aren’t deal breakers. If it’s the pure, premium Google Android experience you’re looking for, and you can handle its larger 5.7-inch size, you’ll want the Nexus 6P. And for about $200 less than the current crop of high-end phones, you’re getting a phone directly from Google that works on any cellular network.


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