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News important to Asian Opera Mini users

Anuradha Shukla | Dec. 30, 2013
Findings from a newly released report by Opera Software.

News is very important to the Opera Mini users in Southeast Asia, according to a newly released report by Opera Software.

A close look at mobile-surfing habits of customers living in the region indicates that large international websites such as Facebook and Google dominate the top spaces as the most accessed websites

However, the smaller local websites are also popular indicating that local content is highly relevant for the Opera Mini users.

Opera Mini users from three countries, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia, like to keep up to date with their phones. Bangladesh has five news sites in the top ten; Vietnam has six; and Indonesia has a total of eight news sites in the top ten.

Vietnam is the only country that has a women's site in its top-ten list of popular websites.

Online shopping

Indians like to shop online and search for products. The country has a classifieds site in the first position, and three shopping and classifieds sites in the top ten.

Opera Mini users in India and Bangladesh like to be updated on cricket. is at the 4th place in India's top-ten list of popular websites while at the 7th position in Bangladesh.

India, Indonesia and Vietnam don't have a telecom site in their top-ten list.

This State of the Mobile Web report also shows that Russia has the most visits to social networks, with a total of five in the top ten. Nigeria and South Africa are the nations with a social network as the most visited local website.

The Lifestyle category does not rate that high within the top-ten lists in any country examined for Opera Mini's report. Brazil has two local music sites in the top ten and a Mexican music site is the second-most-visited local site for Opera Mini users in Mexico.




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