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New Wave Computing implements VMware VDI for Span Infotech

Radhika Nallayam | May 2, 2013
You'd think that customer relationships that have been built over time ensure loyalty. Think again. The truth is that, given the amount of choice customers have today, a long relationship doesn't ensure anything more than a foot in the door. For Bangalore-based New Wave Computing, a VDI implementation for a 13-year-old customer, Span Infotech, was going to bring that lesson home.

New Wave had its work cut out. Clearly, the task of usurping the Citrix-Dell combination wasn't going to be easy.

The SI designed a solution after analyzing the business' challenges. It proposed a POC at Span's office. As expected, the competition too was ready to run one. "Setting up a POC was a significant investment for us. The objective was to deliver an on-premise experience for Span," says Praveen Kumar M., solution specialist at New Wave Computing.

Another challenge was Citrix's reputation. "When it comes to VDI, Citrix has a strong recall value," says Harish Rayadurg, manager, key accounts, New Wave Computing.

The POC was deployed in two days. It ran quite smoothly for seven days in a live environment, and that gave the customer immense confidence that the solution proposed by New Wave is superior to the one proposed by its competitors in terms of performance.

New Wave's solution also offered additional cost advantages. New Wave promised the solution would work perfectly on Span's existing hardware infrastructure, while the competition insisted on hardware replacements.

"One of the criteria was to use existing hardware to build a VDI infrastructure. Dell and Citrix insisted on using their hardware and told us that optimum performance was possible only on Dell's hardware. But New Wave's POC proved that the VMware solution worked just as well on our existing IBM platform. This helped us save a lot on infrastructure cost," says Raju.

Besides, for a dynamic environment such as Span's, where the number of users kept varying, New Wave's solution also offered significant savings on licensing. The upfront cost of buying Samsung thin clients was also lower in comparison. For a company that had huge recruitment plans, this meant long-term savings. Ease of deployment and management were two other parameters that went in New Wave's favour.


Initial hiccups are common in any VDI implementation. Span faced a few issues, specially around application virtualization. But New Wave and a team from VMware quickly stepped in to resolve it. "Like any other VDI implementation, this one also had a stabilization period. But we had already set expectations with the customer about this and worked closely with them during the initial days post-deployment to resolve all issues," says Kumar. It helped that the SI's technical team had experience in setting up many critical VDI projects and POCs. As a result, New Wave successfully rolled out the project in 21 business days--much faster than any traditional desktop implementation.

"Even if we had asked the customer to buy a few desktops, the deal would have still come to us because we are an existing partner. But, that's not what we wanted. Our aim was to provide the right value through our solution for a customer who had such challenging environments to maintain," says Kumar.


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