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New Mac mini release date; iMac mini specs; Mac mini UK price; When is the new Mac mini coming out?

Matt Egan | Oct. 11, 2013
We've scoured the net to bring you Macworld UK's best guess of the new Mac mini's release date, specs and UK price.

We've scoured the net to bring you our best guess of the new Mac mini's release date, specs and UK price.

The Mac mini is Apple's smallest desktop PC. A full-blown OS X desktop that fits into a self-contained chassis no bigger than a set-top box. An inexpensive living room Mac that lacks the power of even some MacBooks and comes with no keyboard, mouse or display, but one that works perfectly as the centre of your digital home. We're expecting Apple to announce a new Mac mini in the next few weeks.

This should be the Intel Haswell Mac mini: a more powerful, but less power-hungry PC running one of Intel's fourth generation Core processors - better known as 'Haswell'. Apple has given nothing away about the putative new Mac mini. But as so often is the case that hasn't stopped tonnes of reliable information leaking out. In this story we round up the latest information based on what we deem to be credible information, and our own analysis of Apple rumours. We'll update this story as we go, so keep checking back. And when Apple makes its announcement we can all have a good laugh at how wrong we were.

New Mac mini release date
We're pretty confident that Apple will announce the new Mac mini in the next few weeks, but we don't know when. Anyone who tells you they do know is fibbing. The Mac mini is due a refresh, having been updated to quad-core processors a year ago, and with Intel launching a major refresh in the intervening time. The MacBook Air got a Haswell refresh in June, the iMac just the other week, and the Bay Trail-running Mac Pro is coming in a fortnight. That leaves only the MacBook Pro and the Mac mini on an older generation of Intel processor. This will change soon.

Apple is strongly rumoured to be holding a major event on October 22. This will see the launch of new iPads, as well firm launch dates for OS X Mavericks (10.9) and the amazing looking Mac Pro.

It's possible that Apple will slip in the Mac mini then too. It is equally likely that it will follow the recent iMac update and announce the Mac mini separately via the usual Apple-Store-is-down-press-release-goes-out methodology. We shall see. If I was a betting man I'd expect a press release in the next couple of weeks. But I'm not, for which my wife and bank manager are grateful. Either way you'll be able to buy a new Mac mini comfortably this side of Christmas.

New Mac mini specs
And here's what you will be able to buy. For one thing the new Mac mini will run OS X Mavericks, version 10.9 of the Mac OS.


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