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Neptune's watch-powered phone is forward-thinking, but preposterous

Jared Newman | Feb. 18, 2015
The Neptune Duo takes the guts out of your phone phone and puts them inside a smartwatch. But why would you want that?

Meanwhile, the smartwatch hub brings its own compromises. For the phone to be of any use, the watch needs to be in reach, which could be a hassle in all kinds of situations. And while Neptune says you could get "a few days of normal usage" on a charge, that only happens if you periodically top-up the watch's 1,000 mAh battery by plugging it into the Pocket Screen, which has its own 2,800 mAh pack. This kind of device dependency creates at least as many problems as it solves.

Perhaps an idea like the Neptune Duo will make sense some day, if we can't keep up with Moore's Law anymore, battery life stops being a major concern, and people stop inventing powerful new apps to justify faster processors and more storage. For now, the Duo seems like a leap into a future that doesn't yet exist, without even a trace of evidence that it would actually work.


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