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NASA's JPL preps two robots for DARPA challenge

Keith Shaw | Feb. 18, 2015
Surrogate robot more humanoid form than its Robosimian cousin.

Voiceover:But despite the upcoming challenges, Kennedy and his team feel confident that they'll do well. 

Kennedy:"I think that the real value of what we're doing here is not so much about winning, which would be nice and we're certainly competitive folks so we're gonna try, but it's actually showing the world what we can do."

Voiceover:And if Robosimian or Surrogate doesn't win, the robots will still have jobs after the finals.

Kennedy:"Surrogate itself was used for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in terms of being able to go into hazardous environments for chemical, radiological or biological hazards and do testing in there without exposing human operators unnecessarily. We're not suggesting that it's replacing people, but if you can get a robot in there quickly and without risking people and start doing the testing early, that's a significant advantage in lowering risk."

Voiceover:In Pasadena, California, this is Keith Shaw, reporting for Computerworld. 


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