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Narcotics smuggling bid foiled with Parcel Inspection System

Ike Suarez | Feb. 4, 2014
Iliicit drugs bust is among Asia’s largest shipment seizures the past few years

Aviation police recently foiled an attempt to smuggle through an Asian airport a large shipment of narcotics with the use of a parcel inspection system developed by US-based provider of threats and contraband detection solutions, American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS &E).

The illicit drugs bust involved detection of an attempt to slip through that country, US $ 17 million worth of Ketamine, which when used illegally and in powdered form, gives abusers hallucinogenic effects similar to that by LSD.

An AS&E press statement said the solution used was the Gemini 100100 X-ray Inspection  System.

Known to upscale drug abusers as "K", the illicit drugs were disguised as dessicant material, commonly used packets for keeping materials dry, in 244 cartons containing women's shoes.

Organic Anomaly

When examined by the X-ray inspection system, the cartons exhibited an organic anomaly that aroused suspicions among aviation police.

This prompted them to inspect further and uncover the illegal drugs shipment.

The press statement said the Gemini 100100 X-Ray Inspection System, with its multitechnology capabilities, can simultaneously detect metallic and non-metallic threats, even in cluttered environments.

Such threats can also be of organic or inorganic materials, including drugs.

The system features a combination of dual energy transmission and Z Backscatter x-rays, technologies complementing each other.

The dual energy transmission x-rays generate a colorized high resolution image to easily detect metallic threats such as guns, knives and tiny wires.

The last could indicate the possibility of hidden IEDs or improvised explosive devices.

On the other hand, the system' Backscatter x-rays generate an image that enhances detection of organic materials such as explosives, drugs and plastic weapons.

Ketamine is an anesthetic for humans and animals, the latter when they are given veterinarian treatments.

Legally used, it takes the form of a fluid that can be injected. Illegally used, it is vaporized into powder that can be snorted or swallowed .

It is considered as one of the world's 10 most   illicitly abused drugs.

The press statement made no mention of the country or airport where the bust took place. Neither was the aviation police unit's name given.

The statement described As&E as a vendor of solutions for ports, borders, military, critical infrastructure, law enforcement and aviation.

Their uses are for combating terrorism, drug smuggling, illegal immigration and trade fraud.



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