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MSC Malaysia firm adds UltraBac Warp to its DR arsenal

AvantiKumar | Feb. 27, 2013
Malaysia-based Vanilla Applications said the UltraBac suite of backup and disaster recovery solutions from the US makes complex backup simpler, especially for SMBs.

Low Wee Min - Fourways Systems

Photo - Low Wee Ming, MD, Fourways System.

The exclusive ASEAN agent of US firm UltraBac Software, MSC (Multimedia Supercorridor) Malaysia status firm Vanilla Applications has announced the availability of a new backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution, called UltraBac Warp.

Vanilla Applications co-founder Melina Hwang said the new software, which offered complex backup and DR capabilities, was simple to use and especially useful to small and medium businesses (SMBs).

"UltraBac Warp protects data on Windows powered servers or desktops using its image based Continuous Image Protection (CIP) technology," said Hwang. "CIP is not just protecting files, it maintains a real time image of the entire disk partition making incremental updates as changes are made. By eliminating the need to save an entire file every time a change is made, this greatly reduces the amount of backup storage space used even though weeks of historical backup data can be retained."

She said: "The software is easy to install, simple to use, and completely self maintaining. Anyone can be their own backup administrator using UltraBac Warp because you can truly set it and forget it. We are launching with the electronic download version right now, however, we plan to bring a box version to the market in Malaysia and dependent on how that goes, we may expand the retail offering into other nations across ASEAN."
"We tested warp and were very pleased with what we found. It is a highly simple product to use yet gives our SMB users a level of data protection they could never have cost justified  in the past," said local systems integrator Fourways System's managing director Low Wee Ming. "Warp keeps weeks worth of backups on a small about of disk space, we can set book marks when we make system changes. This means we are able to roll back and recover to those bookmarks if the system change causes an unexpected issue." 

"We can mount a temporary version of a volume and drag back a file from any point in time. Most important if a machine fails completely, we can instantly recover the image created by warp to another server in a few minutes," Low said.

"In Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, we have many customers that struggle with cost of backup solutions," he said "Finally we have UltraBac Warp, which provides a great solution that fits the needs and most importantly, the pockets of these users."


Melina Hwang, Co-Founder & Director - Marketing, Vanilla Applications

Melina Hwang, Co-Founder & Director - Marketing, Vanilla Applications


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