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Ms. 'Splosion Man is an explosively fun platformer for iOS

Kevin Lee | April 4, 2013
Explosions solve everything. Twisted Pixel’s Ms. ‘Splosion Man comes to iOS to test your lightening reflexes and puzzle solving skills.

Sometimes you really have to squint to see where you are.

My only real issue is that it's really hard to see your character on a smaller screen, like that on the iPhone. Although our heroine is colored in a bright shade of pink that sticks out in the screen, she is so small that I can barely see her at times. It's especially tough to see you own character when the game zooms way out for some of the larger platforming spaces. If you're going to play this game on a mobile device, the iPad is your best bet.

An even stranger thing about Ms. 'Splosion Man on iOS is that the levels stop unlocking on their own after the third. To continue on with any subsequent part of the game, you have to unlock it by spending in-game currency. It's a shocking move, considering this game costs $3 up front. But, it's not a complete deal breaker, because you can earn enough in-game currency to unlock everything without having to spend real money--you just have to grind out old levels for challenges to accrue enough coins to proceed.

Alternatively, putting down another $3 of your real money will give you enough coins to unlock almost every level. You can also use these same coins to purchase power-ups that act more like cheats, which let you skip ahead to the next checkpoint or get an extra fourth jump.

Bottom line

Ms. 'Splosion Man is still the same full game as it is on the console, but almost perfectly ported to iOS devices. New players to the game will experience an engrossing and frustrating (in a good way) platformer full of silly, bearded scientists, way too many lasers, and a comical handful of pop-culture references.


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