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Mobile technologies as true business enablers

Divina Paredes | Aug. 26, 2014
Inroads in mobile technologies have left no industry unspared. But only when internal and external users are included in mobility deployments do they become true business enablers, according to IT leaders at a CIO roundtable in Wellington.

Mobile technologies have been dubbed as 'game changers' as their move towards enterprise, government, and small business space goes untrammelled.

No industry is spared as mobile and related technologies create new services and even entire businesses, raise staff and customer expectations, and provide new channels both for communications and commerce.

At a recent CIO roundtable in Wellington, a panel of ICT executives noted how these technologies become definitive business enablers when internal and external users are included in policies around devices and apps.

Here are highlights of the discussion:

Know thy setting

Kathryn McInteer, Ministry of Justice: Before deploying mobility, we need to need to fully understand the requirements for the business, and how it will drive our business forward.

Tina Sutton, Ministry of Justice: What springs to mind for me is being device agnostic, basically taking the device out of the equation and just making sure that content and informational services work no matter what device you're on... You remove that problem from the customer so that they don't have to worry about what device, what kind of phone, what kind of tablet they're on; it just works.

Channa Jayasinha, Wellington City Council: Two phrases come to mind. One is 'fit for purpose' and the second is 'strategy'.Without a mobile strategy that whole channel becomes a disruptive channel. So you need to identify what are your key drivers. We are right in the middle of developing a mobile strategy for local government in the region, so we've been taking a regional perspective, rather than an individual council perspective.

'Information transformation'

Matt O'Mara, Treasury New Zealand: A significant focus of today's ICT leaders is on mobile technologies. However what is often overlooked is the information these technologies deliver and the associated transformation opportunities that exist. I have coined the term 'information transformation' which is a paradigm that challenges people to think differently about information and consider the power of information as an agent of transformation. It is about helping people to learn to utilise information better and in different ways and realise how profoundly transformational this can be.

We live in the information age, yet we have not come close to realising the full potential of information and the way we use it not just in corporate settings or in government but in our day to day lives.

On a daily basis numerous opportunities pass us by to utilise information in different ways to transform and improve what we do, address real world problems and to provide new insights.

While mobile technologies are a key enabler, it is the ability to look at business problems differently through what I call an information transformation lens. This new way of viewing the world around us has numerous advantages. A cogent example of this in the real world is the twittering sharks.


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