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Microsoft yanks Windows 8.1 update for Surface RT after 'Blue Screen of Death' reports

Gregg Keizer | Oct. 22, 2013
Long-awaited update 'bricks' some tablets after it corrupts boot configuration data file

"Just tell me how to return my Surface RT for full refund," said ArtFolden on the same thread. "I am fed up with it. It is still on warranty, and half the time it will not start up, and now it will not upgrade to 8.1, so I just want to return it."

Operating system update and upgrade glitches are not uncommon. After Microsoft and Apple issue a Windows, OS X or iOS update, a perusal of the companies' support forums almost always yields reports of troubles, including device bricking, crashes or unusable applications. It's rarer, however, when a firm pulls an update.

In April, for example, Microsoft urged Windows 7 users to uninstall an update that had generated BSOD screens. More recently, Microsoft had an extended run of problems with both security and non-security updates in August and September, many aimed at its Office suite, that experts called a "worrisome" sign of declining update quality.

Two years ago, scores of iPhone and iPad owners reported problems installing iOS 5, then then-new upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system, with errors near the end of the process. A smattering of those users said that the upgrade had bricked their iPhones.

Microsoft plans to start selling the Surface 2, a replacement for the Surface RT, on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at prices of $449 and up.


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