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Microsoft to Windows XP users: your operating system is a major security risk

John E Dunn | Oct. 31, 2013
Microsoft isn't kidding when it says that people need to ditch Windows XP and has released alarming security numbers to prove its point; XP systems are markedly more likely to fall prey to malware than later versions of Windows.

One other interesting snippet from the report is the apparently shockfinding that running real-time antivirus software seems to be a good idea, or at least greatly reduces infection rates; malware infection rate is 7.1 times higher for those systems running real-time antivirus compared to those that don't.

This doesn't mean that when antivirus fails, it doesn't fail spectacularly - and often enough to cause major concern about its effectiveness against targeted attacks - but does underline that rumours of its imminent death are exaggerated.


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