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Microsoft Office still isn't available for iPad, but now HopTo fills the void

Mark Hachman | Nov. 15, 2013
Eventually, Microsoft will bring a touch-optimized version of Office to the iPad. Until that day arrives, however, there's Apple's iWork--and now HopTo, which offers a reskinned version of Word as lovely and useful as an iPad app should be.

HopTo clearly knows that the axe is falling, but Eilam sees a way to dodge the blow. If Microsoft continues to require customers to subscribe to Office 365, then any version of Office for the iPad won't really be free. And Microsoft will probably make the same choice that Apple has made with iWork: restrict its files to its own cloud service—in this case, SkyDrive.

Providing that flexibility among competing cloud services is what Eilam's counting on to allow HopTo to survive. "Connectivity is what makes this compelling," he says. "Not Office."


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