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Microsoft Office for Mac 2014 release date, rumours and leaked images

Karen Haslam | July 11, 2013
When will Office for Mac 2013/2014 come out?

Microsoft Word 2013 has a new flatter look, but this doesn't necessarily mean that . The ribbon is more minimalist, for example. It also has a mode where there is more room between ribbon icons, so users are less likely to miss-hit.

The ribbon was a replacement for menus and toolbars in Office and was designed to make it easier to navigate. However, when Microsoft introduced the ribbon in Office 2010, some felt it too large and that it crowded the work area and others complained about having to relearn how to navigate the software. Microsoft even published a guide explaining how to turn off the ribbon. When Office 2011 launched for the Mac, Microsoft retained the menu system alongside the Ribbon.

The ability to edit PDFs

PDF conversion and editing is now integrated into Word on the PC, this means you can open a PDF file that is then converted to a editable Word document so you can make changes. You then saving it back out as a PDF. This depends on the PDF being created as editable, of course.

Improved collaboration

Markup view shows alterations in the margin along with a picture of the person who made the amendments and a connection to them on social media so you can respond to comments. Pages doesn't offer competing collaboration features, but then it predates the previous version of Office.

There are new graphical options in Word and when objects and images are moved they snap to boundaries

This sounds a bit like Pages to us. Word has basically gained some of the features of Microsoft Publisher. As you drag objects around the page, green guidelines pop-up to show useful alignments, such as margins and tops and bottoms of paragraphs. Also like Pages, Live Layout shows text wrap in real time when a graphic or frame is adjusted or moved - it reflows as the frame size changes.

New Office 2014 for Mac images: Word

New features in PowerPoint 2014 for Mac

There is a new presentation mode in PowerPoint.

Microsoft actually implies that Presenter View is new, although it was actually there in PowerPoint 2010. However it has had a revamp and it's likely that it will make its way on to the Mac version of the software.

There are new collaboration features

Collaboration was also possible in the 2010 version, but now SkyDrive is the default storage location and sharing is easier to set up. Currently there are no collaboration features in Keynote.

Design features

There are new slide designs, animations and transitions in PowerPoint. Like Word 2013 and Publisher 2010, alignment guides are now available in PowerPoint 2013. Again, this is a feature that will be familiar to users of Pages and Keynote.


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