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Microsoft Office for Mac 2014 release date, rumours and leaked images

Karen Haslam | July 11, 2013
When will Office for Mac 2013/2014 come out?

What features will Office 2014 for Mac have

When Microsoft launched Office 2013 for Windows on 29 January 2013 it included the following new features that we expect to see in the Mac version.

Office 2013 for Windows is not sold on a DVD. The retail copies just include a product key for download from the Office website.

We expect that Microsoft will use a similar distribution for the new Office 2014 for Mac, although it is possible that Microsoft will sell the individual Office apps on the App Store we don't think it is likely.

The licensing has changed: when Office 2013 launched it could not be transferred to another computer. This meant that if you got a new computer you would need to get a new copy of the software. The legality of this was questioned and in March Microsoft announced that users would be able to exercise their transfer rights. This means now a copy of Office 2013 can be moved to another computer, but only after 90 days.

This is a very different system to Apple's, where you can install software on any Mac that is registered to your Apple ID. Perhaps having an associated ID would have been a better system for Microsoft to implement.

Office 2013 is much more cloud based than previous versions of the suite of apps including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Users can save documents to SkyDrive, which is Microsoft's answer to DropBox or iCloud. Like with iCloud, which stores the document in the cloud for you to access from multiple devices, Office for Windows will give you the option to save to your SkyDrive.

It is possible to sync your documents and user settings across multiple computers. There is also a bookmark-like feature in PowerPoint and Word that syncs the position of a document between computers.

This is one step beyond Apple, the idea that you can shut a Word document on your PC and then open it on your laptop at home, with the curser exactly where you left it is intriguing, however, it doesn't appear to be easy to implement as we just asked someone who uses Word 2013 and they didn't know how.

Touchscreen support

This is the first version of Office to support the use of touchscreens. While there are no touch screen Macs, it may mean that it offers gesture support in keeping with the track pad. The lack of a iPad version of the Office software could also suggest that a more fully featured version of Office for iPad is coming, which takes advantage of the touchscreen.

New features in Word 2014 for Mac


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