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Microsoft gets strategic with its Enterprise Mobility Suite

Ryan Faas | April 7, 2014
It can't win every battle in the BYOD world, but it can pick the right fights.

In both cases, each company recognized where its strengths are and opted to build on them. In the process, they're delivering products that drive real value to their customers.

This doesn't mean that Apple will completely abandon its server platform, particularly since the release of the current Mac Pro. It also doesn't mean that Microsoft is walking away from its own mobility ambitions. It does, however, mean that both companies are focusing on what they do well and what their business and enterprise customers need. It also means that they are, in some ways, working in concert on different parts of the enterprise mobility spectrum.

On one side of the coin, Apple is making products that are Microsoft/enterprise friendly. On the other, Microsoft is making enterprise solutions that more easily, efficiently and effectively integrate Apple's iOS devices, as well as Android devices, including those sporting Samsung's KNOX security platform. That's a winning combination of effforts for businesses smart enough to take advantage of both.


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