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Microsoft drops Windows 8 Pro price to £45

Chris Martin | March 6, 2013
Microsoft offers Windows 8 Pro for less than Windows 8.

Microsoft has quietly reduced the price of Windows 8 Pro to £45 in the UK.

With no announcement, Microsoft has slashed the price of its Windows 8 Pro operating system. It now costs £44.99 to upgrade to the more advanced version instead of the previous price of £190 inc VAT. See also: How to upgrade to Windows 8

In bizarre circumstances, this means that users can get hold of Windows 8 Pro for less than the regular version of Windows 8 which costs £99 from Microsoft's website. It's also cheaper than upgrading to Pro for those already on Windows 8 which also costs £99.

Microsoft has made no comment or announcement on the changes. The Surface Pro tablet maker ramped up the price of Windows 8 at the beginning of February after its upgrade offer ended. The offer allowed users to upgrade for £25.

Microsoft's online store says "It's easy - choose from two editions". Well at these prices it's more than easy to decide which to go for.

Strangers still is the fact that the price of Windows 8 Pro remains at the increased price of $200 in the US. Users can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from XP, Vista and all versions of Windows 7 except Enterprise.

Users running the Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Consumer Preview can also upgrade to full Windows 8 Pro for the £45 price. Be aware that upgrading from these versions completely wipes all applications and personal data from the machine.


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