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Michael Bosnar: The ultimate businessman

Jennifer O'Brien | Nov. 26, 2014
Michael Bosnar, long-time IT veteran, is the quintessential entrepreneur. Not only has he been in leadership roles across the channel including stints at vendors, resellers and distributors, but he also invests in start-ups and helps fuel innovation in the ICT industry.

What are the company plans going forward?

MB: The priority for us is to build that channel. A lot of people say that, but we have a three-pronged approach. Firstly, we need to build our delivery partners. We are not hiring any more professional services people because we have built such a big professional services business it is now starting to make a dent in the licensing business.

We are looking for partners who can deliver our solution into the market. That is the first thing. We have done some good work on that, but there's a lot more to do in that area. That gives us bandwidth and capacity to address our customers. Next we need to enable our global system integrators better. It is ensuring that they understand our technology and implement correctly — and there's minimal touch on our part as possible.

The third thing which is probably the hardest to work on is building up the local partner. We have to work with partners to sell and implement our technology and that's probably the biggest area that we're focusing on and that needs attention.

What does user-centric computing mean? Where and how does AppSense fit in?

MB: Users today want to access their applications and their data from any device, within reason, whether it be a tablet, a laptop and information from their phone. They want to be able to access information in a consistent way, be able to print that information, be able to analyse the information in a secure fashion. To do that involves multiple device platforms, and multiple operating systems across multiple vendors - where applications are boundless. We have the glue that sticks between a couple of these major vendors, especially in the VDI and the desktop space, whether it be Microsoft, Citrix, VMware. We fill in the gaps that they're not able to deliver.

What are your growth plans for the next five years?

MB: I want to get the company to a certain stage and continue to grow that whether we do that through acquisition or through growth in Asia - and we are already doing significant opportunities in Asia now.

In the next five years I'll be in a situation where I will be looking at setting up a venture capital company for myself; investing more in IT. I have already done two so I will be looking at doing more of those. I am looking at a large telco in Singapore called (I'm one of the early investors in that). It connects to the fibre network in Singapore and they have just launched in New Zealand and it is going quite strong.


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