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Malaysia's QEOS acquires US$40m worth of California's Centric Technologies assets

AvantiKumar | June 3, 2014
This move signals a high-growth expansion plan by moving into the wireless mobile backhaul sector, said Quantum Electro Opto Systems CEO Dr Walter Gabriel.

Dr Gabriel Walter of QEOS modified 

Photo - Dr Gabriel Walter, CEO, Quantum Electro Opto Systems (QEOS)


Malaysian intelligent video surveillance firm Quantum Electro Opto Systems (QEOS) has started its high-growth expansion plan with the acquisition of up to US$40 million [RM129 million] worth of assets, which include manpower and intellectual property, from California-based Centric Technologies.

This move also immediately extends QEOS's portfolio of optical, wirelines and wireless solutions and allows the company to enter the wireless mobile backhaul market, said QEOS chief executive officer Dr Walter Gabriel.

Dr Gabriel said Centric Technologies "is a prominent provider of gigabit wireless and wireline solutions, and a world leader in single chip mmW CMOS [complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor] for gigabit wireless including its portfolio of next generation 60GHz 802.11ad Wi-Fi and mobile technologies, as well as integrated gigabit CMOS wireline technologies."

"The acquisition advances our mission to offer a broad portfolio of innovative connectivity solutions across multiple data communications markets," he said. "QEOS has the expertise to quickly bring our new technologies to the consumer electronics, enterprise, mobile device and backhaul markets, and also to quickly utilize these new capabilities for our Intelligent Security Systems with an exciting range of integrated products and services."

Dr Gabriel said the global Mobile and Wireless Backhaul market is expected to grow from US$13.11 billion in 2013 to US$ $23.3 billion by 2018, at a compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of 12.2 percent. Supporting the latest 802.11a-d WiFi protocol, the Centric-delivered 60GHz wireless products deliver improved solutions and are positioned for the opportunities afforded by the skyrocketing mobile backhaul, device and accessories market. 

"These new capabilities create a synergy of technologies with the QEOS high-speed optical solutions as the company expands into the mobile marketplace," he said.

 Timely partnership supported by AIM

"QEOS has already delivered based on is Dynamics high-speed, multi-gigabit optical connectivity technology, and its high-speed surveillance and Intelligent Security Systems," said Dr Gabriel. "Now with the addition of the Centric-developed high-speed and low-power wireless and wireline technologies, QEOS builds a comprehensive portfolio of high-speed, short-distance connectivity solutions, and creates a powerful synergy of products for optical, wireless and wireline data communications.

He added the Video Surveillance System and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) market is forecast to reach a value of US$ $42.81 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 19.1 percent from 2013. "QEOS entered this growing market with its High-Speed Optical-based Smart Surveillance and Intelligent Security solutions. Integrating the new gigabit wireless as well as the Centric-developed advanced wireline technologies, enables QEOS to offer unique next-generation products and services which are low-power, easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain, and integrate intelligent and modular control and analysis with a range of mobile and enterprise-level products and services including the QEOS Smart+ Lighting Systems."

Centric Technologies chief executive officer, Joy Laskar, said, "This partnership is timely as Centric is announcing the industry's first single chip gigabit wireless CMOS solution targeting indoor and outdoor applications."

Malaysian agency Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) chief executive officer Mark Rozario confirmed the agency would be continuing its investment in QEOS, adding that the company is "a prime example of a highly innovative local company that develops groundbreaking technologies and also brings additional technologies into Malaysia to enrich development."

"As a government agency tasked with accelerating innovation in the country, AIM is proud to be associated with QEOS," said Rozario. "Developing its technologies within Malaysia and also acquiring some of the world's best technologies to grow its portfolio of capabilities is a smart strategy. We will continue to identify and encourage innovators and companies who can take the country forward."


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