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Malaysian IT leaders find data siloes pose major security risk: IDC, Commvault survey

AvantiKumar | July 22, 2015
Commvault Malaysia's Freddie Soon said IDC's APAC report stresses the need for speed and scale when it comes to managing business critical information.

Freddie Soon, Country Manager, Commvault Malaysia 

Photo - Freddie Soon, Country Manager, Commvault Malaysia


According to a new IDC survey and whitepaper on organisations in Asia and India, data siloes are limiting the ability to make insight-based decisions, resulting in increased IT costs.

Freddie Soon, Malaysia country manager of enterprise data protection and management company Commvault, which commissioned the survey, said the findings confirm that companies are not realising the full value for, their data through this un-centralised approach.

"CIOs around the world face a common problem: their data management silos are creating bottlenecks that result in missed opportunities and prevent organisations from achieving the full value of their data as a powerful, strategic asset," said Soon.

He said the report findings validate the necessity for speed and scale when it comes to managing business critical information.

"By taking a more integrated approach to data management, they are able to more easily leverage new and more open technology like the cloud, while increasing information security," said Soon.

Commvault commissioned IDC to survey 600 IT decision makers across Asia Pacific and India to better understand how they can leverage data as a strategic asset, while minimising associated costs and risks.  The survey and whitepaper, entitled "The Data-Driven Organisation: Unlocking Greater Value from Data and Minimising its Associated Costs and Risks," covered 10 countries: Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Costs and risks

  Soon said survey insights included how disparate data management led to increased costs and risk.

He said IT leaders in Malaysia agree with the rest of APAC that data siloes presented "a major security risk, but they also consider that siloes increase the burden on IT and hinder productivity and collaboration across departments."

 Other findings include:

  • The top two data management challenges for APAC and Malaysia alike include demand for easier and faster data retrieval and exponential growth and complexity of data.

- Organisations in Singapore consider demand for faster, easier data retrieval (86 percent) as the biggest challenge. This is a shift from 12 months ago where these two rankings were reversed.

- Indonesia ranks firstly demand for faster, easier data retrieval (92 percent), followed by budgetary pressures (88 percent).

- Organisations in Thailand consider budgetary pressures (52 percent) as the primary challenge, which was ranked by APAC as a whole as 4th biggest challenge.

  • 40 percent of IT decision makers across APAC report that backup, recovery, data protection and analytics strategies are still managed at a departmental level.

- Nearly a third (26 percent) of Malaysian businesses pointed towards the trend of keeping data management and analytics strategies at a departmental level as causing these data silos. This siloed data management has resulted in a number of fundamental issues for IT teams, with 23 percent stating security was a prime concern, as compared with 29 percent for APAC as a whole.


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