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Major new announcements reinforce a simplified, unified brand: Brocade Malaysia

AvantiKumar | June 18, 2015
Following recent acquisitions, Brocade's new announcements, which include its SDN Flow Optimizer and enhanced global website, will help present a unified master brand, said Brocade's Sean Ong.

Sean Ong - Brocade Malaysia 

Photo - Sean Ong, Country Manager, Brocade Malaysia


As well as unveiling the Brocade Flow Optimizer application and new SDN capabilities in Brocade MLX Series routers, network solutions provider Brocade Malaysia announced a major global website revamp to enhance customer engagement and to present a unified, simplified brand.

Speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Brocade Malaysia country manager Sean Ong said that organisations operating in today's New IP environment face increasing demands for cloud-based applications and need to support social, mobile, and Big Data initiatives. However, network performance combined with security-related attacks and breaches continue to impede delivery of services and create additional challenges to network and service reliability.

"The fundamental network challenge most organisations face is that once they set up their networks the IT environment changes," said Ong. "Optimising the performance of those networks in a way that enables the network to better respond to those changes has been, for the most part, a manual process that rarely gets done."

"To address this, Brocade has introduced a Flow Optimizer application and new SDN capabilities for its MLX Series routers. The Brocade Flow Optimizer is a significant step towards rectifying the issue because to enables organisations to see how traffic is actually flowing across networks and then make adjustments," said Ong. "That data can then be shared with the rest of IT infrastructure apparatus using open RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs)."

The Brocade Flow Optimizer has been designed to adapt the network based on anomalous traffic patterns and behaviours. The goal is to enable service providers and enterprises to gain proactive insight into their network traffic, mitigate network attacks, and eliminate network congestion, in order to improve end user experience, said Ong.

A controller based on open source Project OpenDayLight code will help the Brocade Flow Optimizer application to capture patterns on the network, he said.  This will allow organisations to apply real-time policy-based management to these patterns.

 Master brand changes

"With the introduction of the Brocade Flow Optimizer, Brocade is taking a concrete step to help its customers maximise the value of software-driven networks and increase network performance by mitigating network attacks and enabling policy-based traffic engineering," said Ong.

"Brocade is delivering on the merits of agile, New IP networks with a low-risk, highly innovative SDN solution," he said, adding that the Brocade NetIron OS 5.9 software, continues building on the advancement of SDN capabilities in the Brocade MLXe routers. "This latest OS release leverages the company's VersaScale programmable forwarding architecture."

Ong said that to help ensure a simplified, unified brand, Brocade was reinforcing the master brand for all of their products. The new rolled-out changes to its worldwide website was to integrate recent acquisitions of Vistapointe, SteelApp and Connectem into the Brocade family, and to enhance the networking firm's brand experience.

The company's updated corporate website also delivers an improved user experience, designed to help website visitors easily find the information they're looking for, he said, adding that a new innovative design and with a new visual language and streamlined interface will enhance customer experience.

Speaking of the acquisition of Vyatta in November 2012 marked a new chapter for Brocade, Ong said. "This drive to a rapidly evolving portfolio is a direct reflection of customer demands for software and its influence on Brocade's data centre strategy."

"We have a strong point of view as to how the macro forces of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data are redefining the nature of IP networking infrastructure. Often referred to as the New IP, this industry disruption contains a high software quotient," he said. "As we continue to bring new software products to market, we are simplifying the way we talk about our disruptive offerings to ensure clarity for our stakeholders."

"Customers and partners need a clear and descriptive naming convention for our software products in order to understand their respective roles in emerging network designs," said Ong.  While there is strong recognition of previous product names, we believe that reinforcing Brocade as the master brand and using functionally descriptive names instead of acquired brands will better serve our stakeholders now and into the future as our portfolio grows. This naming approach is more intuitive and easy to understand," he said.  "Moving forward, we'll avoid using sub-brands from acquisitions, and will phase out the SteelApp, Vistapointe, and Connectem names."

"This is a change in product naming only," he added. "Brocade is fully committed to the value of all of these technologies, and we are extending them across a full range of Brocade's virtualised products as part of our open, software-enabled networking strategy."


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