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Mail Pilot for Mac review: Email client charts a course for maximum productivity

Nathan Alderman | Feb. 7, 2014
If your inbox is a many-headed beast that you battle every day, Mail Pilot (Mac App Store link) might just be the enchanted blade that helps you slay that email monster once and for all. This new program's sleek looks conceal a few still-rough edges, and its singular approach to email may not fit with your own. But Mail Pilot nonetheless offers a clean, impressive, often beautiful way to manage unruly email.

The program also seems to assume that you want to use email only in its task-driven way, and you won't be using any other clients except Mail Pilot. Users on the App Store have understandably groused that when you set aside messages or ask Mail Pilot to remind you about them later, that mail gets pulled from your IMAP inbox to folders deep within Mail Pilot's own file system. To its credit, Mindsense shows you how and where to find those messages in other clients in Mail Pilot's online help files. I also wish that Mail Pilot integrated its reminders with Apple's iCloud calendar feature, which might offer more power and flexibility than its own bare-bones approach.

Bottom line
Mail Pilot's all-business approach definitely isn't for everyone. If you treat email as an archive of useful information, photos, and files, you might not appreciate the way Mail Pilot whisks completed messages down the memory hole. But if you're willing to give yourself over to its system — and wait for it to add a few final refinements — you might find Mail Pilot a useful weapon in your quest to conquer your email once and for all.


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