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Mail Pilot attempts to turn your email into a crafty but complex to-do list

Serenity Caldwell | June 10, 2013
Mail Pilot is a Kickstarter-turned-mail app that aims to turn your email into a date-based to-do list. It largely succeeds, though it's not quite ready for a spot on your home screen just yet.

Also, as mentioned above, I also hate the lack of an "undo" button: There are too many easily-pressed buttons and organization options lurking about. Swipe too far, and you have to go into the Dates & Lists tab to recover your email.

The biggest hurdle, for me, in replacing the default Mail app with Mail Pilot, is the lack of desktop counterpart. Sure, I could file messages into Mail Pilot's new "MailPilot" folders, but it's not nearly as elegant as its iPhone and iPad counterpart. And I'm not in a position currently where I can use iOS devices as my full-time triage applications.

Bottom line
Though it has a few problems and 1.0 shortcomings, Mail Pilot is certainly promising. It's not quite ready for full-time use yet, but I'm keeping my eye on the app in the meantime.'


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