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Mac vs PC returns in Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air advert

Chris Martin | Aug. 12, 2014
Microsoft shows how the Surface Pro 3 can replace your laptop (MacBook Air).

Microsoft has resurrected the age old Mac vs PC debate in its new advert for the Surface Pro 3. 

Just like it did at the launch event for the Windows 8 tablet, Microsoft has pitted the new Surface Pro 3 against Apple's MacBook Air laptop. With the tag line 'The tablet that can replace your laptop', the commercial shows off the benefits of the Surface.

The Surface Pro 3 user shows off how his device can run full Adobe Photoshop on a tablet with a touchscreen. He also boasts of physical ports like USB and DisplayPort and how the Surface Pro 3 is just as fast as the MacBook Air.

Eventually the Mac user admits: "So you're saying it does more than my Mac," and the Surface user replied "Well technically, you said it."

"A tablet that can replace your laptop? Take the Surface Pro 3. It's lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, yet it has the same Intel Core i5 processor. And it also has a USB port, touchscreen and converts into a tablet," says the video description.

The video has been presented in a similar style to the recent Cortana ad which showed how it was better than the iPhone's Siri. 

The Surface Pro 3 launches in 25 new countries on 28 August including the UK where it is priced from £639. The advert is a reminder that Microsoft is targeting high-end laptops like the MacBook Air.


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