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Mac OS X 10.11 release date rumours: all the new features expected in Yosemite successor

Karen Haslam | May 29, 2015
Here are all the rumours about the new features and the release date of Mac OS X 10.11.

Notifications in OS X 10.11

We'd love to see our notifications in sync across all our devices. Rather than getting inundated with the day's notifications (which we have already seen) when we open our Mac at home in the evening we'd like Notifications on the Mac to take a leaf out of the Apple Watch's book and only show us new Notifications.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, we'd like to see a message flash up on the screen of our Mac telling us that we should stand up and take a break, a little like the hourly reminders on the Watch. Read: Tips for using Notification Centre on a Mac

Maps in OS X 10.11

The Apple Maps app is as scuppered on OS X as it is on iOS by its lack of transit directions. Hopefully the Maps app will get transit directions in the next version. Maps is another app that could benefit from Handoff integration - users can currently send directions from a Mac to an iPhone or Apple Watch before heading out, but Handoff would simplify that process.

Phone calls in OS X 10.11

Since Yosemite launched we have been able to answer calls to our iPhone via our Macs. We'd like to see improvements to this feature, for example, audio quality is generally quite poor, and placing a call directly from the Mac requires FaceTime as a workaround. We're also hoping to be able to access visual voice mail on the Mac.

QuickType-style predictive text in OS X 10.11

An iOS feature we'd love to see make its way to the Mac is QuickType. TextEdit already implements a 'suggested text' features that's reminiscent of QuickType and older auto-correct features in iOS: write a word, tap Esc and you get a list of suggestions. It would convenient if this was applied system-wide, not to mention easier to get used to. (Needless to say, we'd want there to be an option to turn it off system-wide, too.)

Touch ID and iPhone unlocking in OS X 10.11

We would like to be able to use touch ID on a iPhone or an Apple Watch to unlock our Mac rather than enter a password.

Shared copy paste between devices in OS X 10.11

Another feature we'd love to see is the option to copy something on one device and then paste it on to another. A shared pasteboard, hosted in iCloud, would be very useful.

Updates to applications that come with OS X 10.11

There is more to apple's operating system than the file structure and design. There are a number of applications that ship as part of OS X, and in 2014 Apple updated a number of these. Can we expect the Apple apps to get the same attention this year?


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