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Mac OS X 10.11 release date rumours: all the new features expected in Yosemite successor

Karen Haslam | May 29, 2015
Here are all the rumours about the new features and the release date of Mac OS X 10.11.

Apple is also said to be re-architecturing iCloud Drive file encryption for apps. We'll discuss this in the next section.

What updates to iCloud Drive will be available in OS X 10.11?

According to reports, Apple is moving a number of IMAP-based apps over to iCloud Drive. IMAP-based apps include Notes, Reminders, and Calendar and currently they use an IMAP-based back end for syncing content, this could be iCloud, Gmail, or even Yahoo. By moving them all to iCloud Drive Apple will be able to improve communication and offer faster syncing between the apps as well as improving security because it will be able to offer end-to-end encryption for the data. The transition from IMAP to iCloud Drive is likely to be simple for users, reports suggest users will just see a dialogue box offering to import the data.

Apple is also said to be upgrading its iCloud Drive servers in order to sustain the anticipated increase in usage.

A dedicated iCloud Drive app to view files is also said to be in the pipeline. This would be useful for iPhone and iPad users, who currently have no way of accessing iCloud Drive content other than via apps. It would be nice to be able to open the iCloud Drive app, find a file and have it open in the relevant app, akin to the way we work on our Macs. On the Mac the iCloud Drive is easily found via the Finder.

What other changes will come with OS X 10.11?

Below we will assess some of the rumoured features, and some of the features that Mac users are hoping to see in the next version of OS X.

Control Centre in OS X 10.11

Control Center was a feature that many expected to see in OS X Yosemite - it even showed up in an early beta of that software. However, when Yosemite launched it was nowhere to be seen. We hope that Control Centre may find its way into the next version of OS X.

We expect Control Centre to be similar to the Control Centre in iOS. It is likely to include music controls, access to Do Not Disturb, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. In fact reports suggest it will include many of the controls offered by the Mac's Menu Bar, so that could include Spotlight and Notifications, as well as Sleep, Shut down and Force Quit.

It is thought that these controls will move from Menu Bar to a pane that slides out from the left side of the Mac's display.

Finder in OS 10.11

We don't expect the Finder-based file system to change in the next version of OS X, however, we have one request: when viewing Finder in column view it would be ideal if we could change the width so we can read a whole file name without having to switch to the list view.


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