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Mac OS X 10.11 release date rumours: all the new features expected in Yosemite successor

Karen Haslam | May 29, 2015
Here are all the rumours about the new features and the release date of Mac OS X 10.11.

There's another reason why Apple might not release OS X 10.11 as OS X 10.11. Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. This doesn't mean it won't ever update Windows again, just that it is changing it into a service that will see regular updates, rather than software that gets a massive update once a year. So, could OS X 10.11 be the last version of OS X with more minor updates happening regularly rather than once a year? Apple already issues sequential updates throughout the year, but we don't think it will stop producing the more major, yearly update.

With all this in mind, the name Apple gives to OS X is what is important. We can't predict what the next version of OS X will be called, other than that it will be named after a famous Californian landmark or location. We have a few guesses here: 10 possible names for the next version of Apple's Mac OS X including Mojave, Sequoia and Tahoe, which we think are more likely names than Death Valley or Hollywood, but who knows

Our money is on Mojave, and since we know that Apple has already trademarked the names of a number of landmarks in California - including Mojave - that's probably a good bet. Apple has trademarked: Redwood, Mammoth, California, Big Sur, Pacific, Diablo, Miramar, Rincon, El Capitan, Redtail, Condor, Grizzly, Farallon, Tiburon, Monterey, Skyline, Shasta, Sierra, Mojave, Sequoia, Ventura, and Sonoma.

We don't actually know how to pronounce Mojave though, but for that matter we don't know how to pronounce Sequoia either. [Note: we've been told Mojave is pronounced Ma-harve and Sequoia is sec-oi-ha].

The name of the next version of OS X could also take a name from within Yosemite, following the convention started with Snow Leopard. When Snow Leopard was introduced, it was a successor to Leopard, with security enhancements and system fixes (sound familiar?) Perhaps the next version of OS X could follow a similar theme, taking the name of one of the rocks, a river, or something else at Yosemite. For example, El Capitan or Half Dome.

One final thing to mention about OS X 10.11 is that its codename at Apple is Gala, not that this tells us anything about what it's final name will be - we certainly don't think that Apple is going to start naming the OS after apples. Last year OS X 10.10 was codenamed Syrah (which is a type of wine, like a Shiraz).

When will OS X 10.11 be released?

As we said at the start of this article, we are likely to see a preview of Yosemite at Apple's WWDC, and there may be a demo version available shortly after for developers.


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