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Lumia 1520: A really, really big Windows Phone

Florence Ion | Nov. 22, 2013
Nokia has apparently decided that its next big strategy to increase market share is to make its phones bigger. The Lumia 1520 is the biggest Windows Phone yet, so big that the only people who will find it easy to hold are professional basketball players.

But the Windows Phone Marketplace is getting better, at least: Microsoft says that it's now up to 190,000 apps. The biggest issue at this point is that when popular apps do reach the store, they're crippled versions that in some cases don't see an update for years. Here's hoping that the recent small uptick in market share will encourage developers to consider making three versions of their app instead of two--with continued updates.

Should you buy it?
Nokia has an obvious penchant for design, and I hope that the company sticks with the general aesthetic of the Lumia 1520 from here on out--only smaller. I also hope that the inclusion of a quad-core processor and a 1080p display means that these features will be standard across the entire Lumia device family in the near future, which should give consumers a little more faith in the manufacturer's ability to play on the same level as the rest of the industry.

Despite the Lumia 1520's thinner profile and top-notch specifications, I wouldn't recommend it as your first Windows Phone device. It's too big for any phone, and Nokia's participation in the large-phone craze is just another indication that it's playing catch-up, not leading. This isn't something I'd expect from the company that helped to make cell phones the household items they are today. I remember lusting after the 3310 way back when, and I know that the designers at Nokia still have it in 'em to inspire that kind of desire in consumers. They just need to be smarter and more aware of what's a trend (cameras!) and what's a gimmick (giant phones!).


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