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Looking for disruption? It's staring you in the face, bub.

Christopher Breen | Nov. 28, 2012
Over the last year, some Apple enthusiasts have been vocal in their demands for the next big disruption from Apple. In the same way that Apple completely changed the way music is distributed and purchased, turned the mobile phone industry on its head, and created a tablet that people will actually use, these folks want The Next Big Thing--something about TV, or mapping, or toasters, or ... something.

I am one of those longtime Mac users and I understand some people's reluctance to adopt Apple's vision of the future. But I also understand a little something about progress and recall all too well our forebears, who objected mightily to the loss of the command line with their shouted protests that the GUI was just a gimmick.

Has Apple lost its ability to disrupt? Hardly. The company is well underway on perhaps its most challenging disruption of all--overturning its own legacy.


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