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Linux 4.0 brings Skynet closer to existence, offers reboot-free kernel patching

Chris Hoffman | April 13, 2015
With Linux 4.0, we're one step closer to the version of Linux used by the T-800 Terminator. But it's full of handy improvements!

File-system drivers for everything from the F2FS flash-friendly file system, OverlayFS file system for live environments, pNFS file system for network file system clients, and BtrFS next-generation file system have been improved, too.

Linux is now over twenty years old, and new kernels are released every few months. All those little optimizations and hardware support improvements make a real difference. Whether you use Linux on your desktop or not, it's powering many of the devices you use and servers you connect to every single day. Let's just hope it doesn't actually become self-aware and try to exterminate us all.


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