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LG G Flex deep-dive review: The curious case of the curved phone

JR Raphael | Feb. 5, 2014
The LG G Flex has a curved design, flexible body, and 'self-healing' skin -- but does that make it better?

That's a common theme with the phone, ranging from the slew of apps that unnecessarily duplicate existing Google services to the smattering of gimmicky features you'll likely never use. A little focus would go a long way in refining LG's products and creating a more compelling overall user experience. It'd also make it more feasible for LG to keep its devices up to date with current Android releases — an area where the company consistently falls short.

On a related note, the G Flex is jam-packed with bloatware, some of which can't be easily uninstalled. On both the AT&T and the Sprint models of the phone, I counted more than two dozen such applications.

Bottom line

Back to my original question: Does "different" automatically mean "better"? In the case of the G Flex, the answer turns out to be no. The phone's curved and flexible body is a noteworthy feat of engineering but not terribly meaningful in terms of actual real-world value, especially when coupled with the phone's dismal display.

The G Flex does offer excellent performance and outstanding battery life, but with all of the caveats that accompany those traits — and all of the more well rounded smartphones available within the same price range —it's difficult to recommend this device as a sensible purchase for most people.

The G Flex is an impressive technological concept — no question there. Maybe by the second generation, LG will figure out how to turn it into something that's equally impressive from a consumer perspective.


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